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Why is Robert Pattinson So Popular Among Young People

My youngest daughter has had a major crush on Zac Efron since the first High School Musical years ago. Her love for this particular (adorable) actor has only grown through two other High School Musicals and Hairspray. However, little did Mr. Efron know that a beautiful British actor was approaching the scene and vying to take his place not only in my daughter's heart, but in young hearts all across the country? Actually, this young actor has won the hearts of all ages. With his quirky good looks, colorful personality and accent - Robert Pattinson has become what many experts are terming, "The New Zac Efron." I thought my daughter would choke on the words - but she, somehow seems okay with them. She just says, "There's room for both." I'm not sure if she means in the world, on her bedroom walls, or in her heart, but she's right either way. I find something particularly interesting about the actors that appeal most to female fans these days. They aren't so much the rugged, big tough guys that appealed to girls in the past.

They're the softer, more laid back and easy going men that send girl's hearts racing. I think it is a sign of the times and, well, a sign of the girls. They do not necessarily want to be rescued anymore - although they could not ask for a cuter knight on a white horse. They had rather be in on the rescue than be the one being saved! I think Twilight's popularity can be explained in several ways. First and foremost, the movie is based on an incredible series of books by a very, very talented author. The writing and the characters are as compelling and fascinating as you could ever hope for. It's a great, classic love story told in a fresh, beautiful, and bold new way. There's plenty of action, mystery, and suspense, but at the heart of the story - there is the love Bella has for Edward and the love Edward has for Bella. Looks as if, Robert is going to stay in the headlines of all the and latest celebrity news and Hollywood celebrity news for a long time. Edward, of course, is played by the current reigning prince of hotness, Robert Pattinson. So, does he deserve the title? Is it all hype that will disappear next month?

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