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Monica Bedi in Bollywood

Indian cinema has always welcomed new faces, encouraged them and gave them the motivation to move forward. Some people are there in the industry, who only acted in a few films but left their mark in the entire film industry. Monica bedi is one such actress in Bollywood. She is famous for her bold roles in the film Janam Samja Karo in where she played the lead role with the famous Urmila. Salman Khan was the hero of the film which was much appreciated among people of India. The songs of the film were famous soon by the magic of Udit Narayan and Anu Malik. The film was about Urmila who was a dancer in a club because of some unfortunate incidents that happen in her life. Salman khan acted the role of a rich playboy who keeps changing girl friends like changing cloths. Salman and Urmilameet in the night club and he falls in love with her instantaneously. He film revolves around the comic incidents that accompanies later and how Salman escapes from them all. Monica did a spectacular role and in film and was much appreciated by the film industry.The nest film she acted was the famous Jodi no 1. Legendary actors Govinda and Sanjay Dutt acted in this movie which turned out to be a block buster. Govinda andSunjayDuttacted in the role of two smart thieves jai and Veeru who were the maestros in the game. After looting many in the city they slowly move to small towns and the story continues by the funny incidents that happen later. In this film monica has the role of the daughter of Anupankher who fell in love with Sanjay Dutt. The film was a Turing point in the carrier of Monica Bedi. Many audients couldn'tbelieve that is was the same girl whom they saw in Janamsamjakaro. The 2001 film was a huge hit and people still remember the comicscenes of the movie. Monica Bedi has acted many films in Telugu. Things change totally if you reach the south India. If you have got a stunning body and some dancing skills then you are the star. Monica bedi was accepted easilty by the telugu people and still she is one of the most favorite actress in telugu. Apart from the movie life she has also tried her hand in singing. She sung the "EK Onkar" and it became pretty famous in the country.She has been one of the sizzling celebrities in the television world. She has participated in more than a dozen reality shows in different TV channels. Her most discussed appearance was in the BIG boss reality show which was in the TV channel Colors. She have many upcoming projects in many languages in the country.

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